“I, Pencil, am a complex combination of miracles” Leonard E. Read I saw a tweet today complaining that there was no snow, although snow was expected as per Michael Fish (or his modern day equivalent). Essentially, the tweeter was annoyed that we cannot predict future weather everywhere with 100% accuracy. It is amazing how easily we […]

Two types work, two types of change

There are two types of work – running things and changing things. By “running things”, I mean playing a defined role within a system. “Changing things” means helping to refine or remodel that system. There are two types of change – optimisation and overhaul. By “optimisation”, I mean making an existing system more effective in achieving […]

A thing

Everyone needs a thing, some expertise. Everyone needs a personal brand. Look on Twitter and especially LinkedIn. Most people have a thing. Some people don’t, but then they call themselves Futurist, or whatever. I don’t know what my thing is. I’m not an expert in anything (the smarter and more loyal among you probably inferred […]


I can’t meet you this weekend. I’m busy. Sorry, I’m not free until mid-October. Work is so hectic right now! I’ve got so much to do. Most of the time, I am busy. Doing this, doing that. I was focused on advancing my career, delivering slides to clients to sit in their drawers. Focused on […]

My view on why Facebook gives people cats (i.e. why I can’t use it anymore)

I’m an avid user of Pocket, a useful app that stores and recommends content. When I started using it, the recommendations were wide-ranging, interesting and from lots of sources. I started saving articles from the recommended feed. Over time, the range of topics narrowed: lots of philosophy, politics and productivity. The range of sources narrowed: […]