I've never understood why football means so much to me. Playing, yes, makes sense. It's fun and keeps you fit. Watching and supporting twenty-two grown men kick a ball around? There is art, some beauty, lots of unpleasantness. There are stories, lots of stories. There is emotion. Yes, there is also community, a common currency …


Government vs the people

Did we ever decide that the government should be a separate entity from the people? Did we ever decide that the government should be anything other than a tool to represent our voice and be the source of collective action to solve our biggest problems? Why are we in a position where so many view …

Free will

Is anyone comfortable with their stance on free will? The more I learn, the more deterministic my view becomes, the more uncomfortable I feel. How can I square morality with determinism? How can I square determinism with the fact that I feel free?