Four types of belief in the future


I think there are four different worldviews, four different beliefs in the future.

1. Nature. A world where humans coexist sustainably within the natural ecosystem. A move back to harmony between humanity and the rest of nature.

2. Humanity. A world where humanity thrives as a whole. Humanity above animals and plants.

3. Tribal. A world where my tribe (e.g. nation, city, race, religion, family, me) thrive above all else. There are group of us that deserve to run the world.

4. Progress. A world where there is a continued development of “intelligence” in its broadest terms. We need to continue to develop, grow, even at the expense of humanity. We will, nay we need to, reach the singularity. See Ray Kurzweil, for an example.

These views each lead to different technologies, different clashes, different pressing problems that need to be solved. Often we are internally conflicted with what we want, and often the system pushes one way and we are helplessly dragged along with it.

Our decisions on how we progress need to be made with intentionality. Our differences need to be resolved. I’m not sure how this happens.

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