Running out of time.

Yesterday's me:Confused.Helpless.Unsatisfied. Me before. Me not taking my shot, not writing like I'm running out of time. Me before swirls of show tunes, rap, dance, history, drama and fierce intelligence. Me before what Michelle Obama called "the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life", me that could [...]

Oh. A resolution.

Oh One, Oh One, Two Oh Two Oh. Oh. Yet another day. Yet another "milestone". Yet another opportunity for obligatory self-flagellation, self-aggrandisement and the imagining of a better manifestation of me a year from now. How will I get better this year you ask? Oh. Same unkept radical, mundane ways I promised myself last year, [...]

Why do we accept the hierarchy of football clubs?

Another post on some on football-related questions. The first one can be found here. When Liverpool have a decent player, it seems inevitable that they will move to Real Madrid (Michael Owen, Steve McManaman and most regrettably Xabi Alonso),  Barcelona (Luis Suarez, Philipe Coutinho) or perhaps now Manchester City (Raheem Sterling). Why are some clubs [...]