Where do I live?

I wish I lived where I live. I wish I noticed the colour of flowers and the beauty in the veins of the leaves. I hope one day I truly smell the salt of sea and feel love for the breeze on my face. I don't. I don't live where I live. I live in [...]

Show me some ID please. Part 2.

I have had some fascinating discussions off the back of Part 1, so the premise of Part 2 has shifted to present my thoughts on one of these discussions. There might be a Part 3 and Part 4 too. Race and sex are markers of identity we do not choose, but are visible to all.  [...]

Why do we accept the hierarchy of football clubs?

Another post on some on football-related questions. The first one can be found here. When Liverpool have a decent player, it seems inevitable that they will move to Real Madrid (Michael Owen, Steve McManaman and most regrettably Xabi Alonso),  Barcelona (Luis Suarez, Philipe Coutinho) or perhaps now Manchester City (Raheem Sterling). Why are some clubs [...]