Some thoughts on a man


Last week I was lucky enough to see more closely the charitable work of a man I had met a handful of times. A man I admired from a distance.

What did I take from the experience?

Natural charisma. Everyone he met seemed to consider him a close, personal friend. A genuine love for people’s stories. A willingness to be vulnerable. A willingness to engage all. He drew people into his orbit.

Always a smile and a hug. A detachment from his own pain and challenges. A detachment from the material, despite considerable wealth. A wish to be of service to others, first and foremost. A man deeply loved by his family and all.

An ability to see through the hierarchy. A way to treat all people as people, all souls as souls, one and the same.

Charity for love. No ego, no personal glory. No names on plaques. A genuine wish to help the world.

A desire to build things that are the best. Think big, think beyond. Progressive in attitude, thinking beyond what is there.

Make people better. Make people think bigger. Allow people to see beyond and step outside their imaginary walls.

Take risks, do things. See the world, taking people with you. See problems as challenges to be solved. Make things happen.

This man passed away last year. I had a limited view of what he was involved with, and I probably still do. I regret not having more time to learn from him.

A new motto for me: WWAKD?

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