Join a library


“Knowledge sets us free, art sets us free. A great library is freedom.” Ursula Le Guin

I joined the local library this week. What an incredible resource. So many books. The librarian told me if there was any title that I was interested in, she would do what she could to help me access it.

All the books you could ever read, for free.

Why are libraries on the decline? It saddens me.

I understand the world is now about video, about podcasts and about consuming news on Facebook. Clearly, sales numbers show that even in this electronic world there is space for real books.

Is it that we are more interested in showing the spines on our shelves rather than actually reading? Is it that we cannot share books we do not own (if that is true)? Is it that books make great gifts?

In a world of hyper-convenience, is it easier to order in one-click a book on Amazon than it is to make that fifteen-minute walk?

Is it something to do with the atmosphere? The perception of what going to a library says about us?

In a knowledge-based economy, books remain our best friends. Let’s think about how we can keep our libraries going.

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