I can’t meet you this weekend. I’m busy.

Sorry, I’m not free until mid-October.

Work is so hectic right now!

I’ve got so much to do.

Most of the time, I am busy. Doing this, doing that. I was focused on advancing my career, delivering slides to clients to sit in their drawers. Focused on “commitments”. Focused on things I don’t really understand why I’m focused on.

The rest of the time, when I’m not busy, I want to appear to be busy. I’m under pressure from my part of society that tells me if I’m not busy I’m idle. Busyness is a badge of honour.

Life is filled up mindlessly. Stuff goes in the diary with no reflection. A lot of events feel like commitments when they are choices.

I am trying to change.

I want to be less busy. I want time for reflection. I want time to let my mind wander. I want time to explore my mind. I want space for spontaneity.

When I am busy I want to be busy like those people I admire. Those who spend time with people they love. Those that do the important things, and not just the urgent. Those that commit time to a mission, not just a goal or a career.

I’m lucky to lead a life filled with joyous moments with family and friends. I need to make the rest of the time count just as much.

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