A little break


I haven’t written for over a week. Partly as I’ve been busy. Partly as I wanted to feel what it feels like when one is not writing.

What I noticed:

  • Like a train, writing is hard to get going again once it stops. You need to keep on doing it. Momentum, baby. The big MO. From here on in: habit, process over goals.
  • For some reason, the longer you leave it, the more you feel your next bit of writing needs to be profound, groundbreaking, change the world quality – so you don’t even bother. Perfect is the enemy of good.
  • A few people actually notice. Some people who I did not even realise actually read this. That was a nice surprise. Thanks to those of you that reached out.
  • I enjoy writing. I missed it. My fingers ached for the keyboard.
  • This blog has become my medium of self-exploration and expression – I’m not naturally open (though I’m trying to be) and I felt a little lost without it. It is fast becoming more important to me than I ever imagined it would.

If you at any time in your life have ever had any thoughts or feelings, then I recommend you give writing them down a go. Find a keyboard, pen or typewriter, and do it. Share it, don’t share it (though I’ve enjoyed all of the interactions that I’ve had from sharing), it does not matter. Short, long, ditto. Give it a try. You might like it.

Isn’t the photo above the most hipster you’ve ever seen? Seriously, who took it and why?

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