Quantum mechanics, WTF???

I’ve been reading about quantum mechanics and it is blowing my teeny tiny mind.

Strings and loops and all that good, entirely confusing, stuff. I have questions, questions and more questions.

How can the world not exist until it is observed? What the hell does that even mean? The universe is fucking nuts. Does it mean that the world only exists in our imaginations? A tree doesn’t fall unless someone sees it? WTF?

The world is just a series of simulations until observation happens. Who or what makes these observations? What does it mean to observe? Is it only humans? What about Orangutans? Dolphins? Caterpillars? Trees? Does that put consciousness central to the fabric of the universe? How can we even know this, given we cannot remove ourselves from ourselves, given we cannot escape our consciousness? The implication here is that consciousness defines the naturalistic universe. I mean, WTF??

What is observed? Are systems discrete? Or is the whole world one entire system? If I observe one small part of the world, am I observing the whole system? How the hell do clouds of probability interact with each other? When does one begin and another end? WTF???

What even is time? We experience it as a flow but, apparently, it is not so. It is stitched into the fabric, the geometry of the universe. Time cannot be observed or measured directly. Is what we call time what Einstein calls time?

I don’t get it, I’m not sure that I ever will.

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