Plato’s chocolate fondant

I like food. I like eating it and making it. For some reason, I really like watching other people making food and then being judged by a bald man who clearly enjoys his food and his Antipodean sidekick. Whilst I love the show, this love is tempered (tempura-d?) by moments of exasperation caused by the [...]

“Love is the only thing that matters, everything else is just stuff”

I had lunch in a cafe in Ubud yesterday. I had a conversation with a man who has lived. He was tall, about 60 years old, herculean in build and covered in tattoos. Piercing blue eyes. He spent 25 years as a stock market trader in the City, working for one of the top US [...]

All change

Look at the chart above, showing human population over time. Take a few seconds. Just bananas, right? Something has changed. Homo sapiens go back 300,000 years, there or thereabouts. It took us almost all of that 300,000 years to reach the first billion people. The second billion? Just 130 years. The third? 30. The fourth? [...]